Information Services encourages you to review your technology work requirements for working off site. Please contact Technical Support Services to update your AIC laptop computer, if you have a laptop, and resolve any outstanding technical issues beforehand.

Please consider the resources you currently access before submitting a VPN request.

Your ARTIC email, Google Suite, PeopleSoft Self Service, Concur and many other Single Sign-On resources are accessible without VPN and may provide all the tools you need to work remotely.

If you are working from home, please go through this checklist to ensure you're prepared:

  • Verify you are able to log in to your Laptop using your current log-in credentials while you're on-site, plugged in with an Ethernet Cable.
    Do not use a shared account or an account with expired credentials. This could create problems with connecting to department shares on the device.

  • If you are unable to log into a laptop that has been in storage for an extended amount of time, a technician may need to look at it, please submit a Computer Prep Service Request with the Asset Number or Serial Number and a technician will evaluate the device.

  • If you are unsure about the last time someone has used the laptop, it is also a good idea to submit a Computer Prep Service Request for evaluation.

If you plan to access any resources hosted internally (such as Department Shares on AICFS01, Remote Desktop Access, CITI, Reporting Services, etc), you'll need to be set up to use VPN. These are the requirements you'll need to use VPN:

  1. An activated Duo Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) account and the Duo Mobile App installed on your smartphone.

Note: You must submit a VPN request in order to be enrolled in Duo MFA, and your manager will be asked to approve the request. Museum and central administrative staff can submit a VPN request by submitting a VPN Request.

2. Cisco AnyConnect VPN software installed on your laptop.

Note: Cisco AnyConnect VPN software is installed on all laptops issued to employees after 10/1/18. If you don’t already have the software installed on your laptop, follow the instructions in the GET STARTED section below to download and install the AnyConnect VPN client.

3. An active ARTIC (Single Sign-On) account.

This will be used as your login credentials for the VPN account. The same credentials you use for your artic gmail and People Soft self service account will be used here. This is not the same as your computer login credentials.